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In the beginning, you probably planned fun things to do together. You saw movies. You went on weekend trips. You took strolls together. You slept in hotels (seedy and/or upscale). You meet over lunch breaks. You called often and sent text messages every other hour. You made out at every opportunity (in the car, on the balcony, in the stairwell)

THEN you had kids. Now your idea of a date is watching TV once the kids are in bed or having Chinese takeout delivered to your home.
Bring romance back into your marriage. Go on vacations without the kids. Bring back activities that you both love, but have stopped doing together. Find new ways to connect.
Make your wife your mistress, let her be the gorgeous lady you cant wait to get home to.
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Sometimes when we achieve the things we strive for, we find they’re not very fulfilling. As we look back we realize that our greatest joy was not in the goal we reached, but in the growth we experienced on the way to it.

Scientist Koichi Tanaka describes this phenomenon and how it can come about during the enjoyable pursuit of a dream. As he worked on trying to create an ion with lasers, he says: ‘I failed for weeks and months before I succeeded in making an ion. Why did I continue the experiment? Because I enjoyed it. It was fun for me to come to know something that I had never known before, and that fun enabled me to persist.’ That persistence helped him to win a Nobel Prize in chemistry.

You have the potential to make many wonderful discoveries in life, and none greater than what you discover about God, and yourself. One leadership expert writes: ‘The pursuit of my dream has taken me out of my comfort zone, elevated my thinking, given me confidence, and confirmed my sense of purpose. My pursuit of the dream and my personal growth have become so intertwined that I now ask myself, Did I make the dream, or did the dream make me?’
When your mind accepts a new idea or learns a new truth, it’s forever changed. And once stretched, it takes on a new shape and never goes back to its original form. When that happens, you experience true fulfillment. No wonder children’s book author Elizabeth Coatsworth said, ‘When I dream, I am ageless.’

Dare to dream!!!

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Complete Lavie

Complete Lavie

We are a revolutionary new concept in wedding magazine and seek to bring the glitz and glamour of weddings to the fore. We would encapsulate the dreams, desires and aspirations of the real people who make up the wedding community.

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Me, my Wife and Driver

As my driver was driving me to the airport. I realized i forgot an important document, so I asked him to take me back home. On getting home i heard my wife singing happily in the bathroom, so quietly opened the bathroom door….. there stood my wife in her pretty birthday suit with soap lather on her face, I tip-toed and naughtily touched her boobs, and she responded, “have you dropped my stupid husband so fast? Don’t rush we have the weekend to spend together,(while trying to wash off the lather) I am even praying for him to have a plane crash so dat I can enjoy you till the end of my life”. She noticed the person was quiet, she finished washing her face, and saw me in front of her.

For the guys if you were in my shoes what would you do? and for the ladies if you were my wife what would be your next step?
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Make I no long the story, after the wonderful pepper soup, which she liked, me and am just go pam for one corner like dat. The corner was actually Imma’s closed shop. It was dark. And it was close to my place. Na so Bolatito and I dey corner dey talk jeje to each other. I tell am say I like am, she say she like me too. We just dey talk slow-slow. Na so I attempt to kiss the gal o. She no even dodge. Her lips were soft. Like what sef? E no get mate! My spine tingled… but my mind was alert. First, Sikira must not catch me. Two, I gats comot for here. Na so I carry the gal comot. Oya to my house.
Make I no long the story again: we land for bed. My wicked hands found her wicked chest-twins. I caress dem like say my life depend on am. Na so she dey moan soft soft o. Gradually, we enter advance stage. Clothes don go finish. (she no wear underwear, kai!!! Sexy!!!) Rubber don cover kini. Oya, make I enter, the gal dey push me back small-small.
“Hmm…TJ…hmmm…. I no wan do o…” Voice soft like feather!
“Tito baby…no worry… I dey kampe….”
“No be dat…hmmm… I neva do before o…”
What?! Alarm-bells in my head! Virgin alert! One part of my mind say make I leave am o. Wetin I wan take V do? Second say make I carry go jo! Afterall, na my first V be dis. Besides, all the boys want dis one o; if I leave am, someone else go take am!
Na so I listen to the first voice o. I calm d gal, carry on with my “evil deed.”
It was the best sex I had ever had. The gal was willing. She kept pulling me to herself and screaming like a cat. Three times, we do di thing. Sikira? Only once sef, she go complain say she don tire.
It was the best sex I had ever had. And the most dangerous.
As we lay on the bed dey rub each other’s body, na so I dey feel one kain for inside. My head just dey grow bigger. My eyes sef no see well. Next thing na:
For where?!!! I had just crowed like a cock! Bolatito jumped up. I jumped up. Alarm was all over her face. Me, I still no dey see well. Suddenly, I had dis urge to drink water.
“Water! Water!!!” I was screaming. I ran to my keg where I kept drinkable water. See, dis is a 5-litre keg, filled with water. See, I lifted dis keg to my mouth and drank like a fish. It was as if the water was evaporating the moment it hit my throat. Within seconds, I had finished the whole keg and my throat was still burning! I threw the keg madly in one corner. With only my boxers on, I ran out of the room. Bolatito just stared, my wrapper clutched around her chest.
Rashidi and others were seated outside enjoying the night breeze when I burst out and staggered to the ground. I raced for the water drum at the corner of the house. I tore the lid off and dipped my head into the drum of water. It wasn’t sufficient. I turned the drum and emptied the content on my head, with my mouth open. It was still not enough. Next thing:
The boys rallied around me.
“TJ, wetin do you? So na u dey crow like cock since?” Rashidi asked. Some of the boys laughed, not realizing my predicament. I rolled on the floor, screaming for water. Suddenly, the water urge disappeared, replaced with a yearning to fly. I stood up and grinned. I staggered back to prepare for a run. With a dash, I did a perfect somersault and landed on my stomach. The boys laughed.
I staggered back again and prepared for my next run. Oya now! Another perfect somersault and a belly flop!
Oya, number three. Something propelled me to speed up Number 3. I staggered back again and ran…

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IT Hub seeks Industrial Attachment (IT) students from any nigerian university or polytechnic

IT hub nig. Ltd. located in wuse II abuja. nigeria. seeks the service of an IT student for immediate placement. IT hub is a microsoft and cisco lab, and needs a very fast learner and some1 that can work under pressure.

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TRAfrica2000abn in collaboration with an American company to assist INEC to conduct credible elections.
Details soon

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